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Easter 2014

When is the Date of Easter 2014?

easter eggs

In 2014, Easter Sunday was on April 20th in the Western churches (Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Baptist, etc). In the Orthodox Church, Easter was also on April 20th in 2014. The Orthodox refer to Easter as "Pascha."

Easter is one of the Church's major feasts, and the oldest Christian holiday. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, and is based on accounts in the four gospels. It is also a movable feast, which means the date changes yearly, based on lunar phases.

Basically, in the Western Church, Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after the first full moon on or after the spring equinox. This means that in the Western churches, the possible dates for Easter Sunday are March 21st-April 25th. Since the Orthodox Churches calculate Easter differently, some years Orthodox and Catholic Easter are on different dates. We pray everyone has a blessed Easter 2014.

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