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Joseph in Egypt

Joseph in Egypt: Keeping Faith in God

Joseph was the son of Jacob and his favorite wife Rachel. Because of Jacob's love for Rachel, he showed great favors to Joseph, including giving him a many colored coat. This present, which probably signified that Joseph did not have to work outside (a coat in a hot climate), enraged his brothers. They sold him into slavery and told his parents that he had died. This begins the story of Joseph in Egypt.

rosary bibleAs soon as Joseph arrived in Egypt, he was bought by Potiphar, one of Pharaoh's top officials. God guided Joseph in Egypt because Joseph became the chief of Potiphar's household and with it great honor and responsibility. However, Joseph caught the attention of Potiphar's wife. When Joseph resisted her sexual advances, she accused him of rape and he was thrown in prison.

At this point, Joseph was thrown into a prison in Egypt. There, he actually rose up to be the chief prisoner, which also brought Joseph honor and responsibility. He predicted the future using the dreams of his fellow prisoners, including one who would later be given a high position in Pharaoh's court. However, this official forgot about the prisoner Joseph in Egypt after he left prison.

Later, Pharaoh had two bizarre dreams with no one to interpret them. Fortunately, the former prisoner remembered Joseph and brought him to Pharaoh. Joseph interpreted Pharaoh's dream and correctly predicted a famine. As a result of his work in Egypt, Joseph saved many people from dying of hunger. In reward for his service to Pharaoh, Joseph was made second in command of all Egypt.

Later, Joseph's brothers came to Egypt to receive food during the famine. While there, Joseph concealed his identity and played a few tricks on them. However, he eventually revealed himself and reconciled with them. He was reunited with his surprised father as well.

Thus, God blessed Joseph in Egypt. What started as a bad event (being sold into slavery) turned into something positive thanks to the faith and perseverance of Joseph in Egypt. He is a great model for following God and it is appropriate that the name of the foster father of Jesus is also Joseph.

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