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What is a Saint Prayer?

Catholic Prayers to Holy Women and Men


A saint is a holy person, someone the Church has declared to be an example of holiness. Because of this, many Christians make saint prayer a regular part of their public and private worship.

There are different ways you may encounter a saint prayer. One type is a prayer to a saint. For example, the Hail Mary Prayer is addressed to the Virgin Mary. The Prayer to St. Michael is also a saint prayer, addressed to the archangel Michael. These ask the saints for their prayers and aid. Some saint prayers are best known in Latin, such as the Pater Noster, which is the Latin version of the Lord's prayer. Since Latin is the official language of the Catholic Church, many Catholics know prayers in Latin as ooposed to English.

Another type of saint prayer is one that references a saint, and the saint's life, work, and virtues. These prayers often thank God for a saint, ask God to help make us more like the saint, and reflect on the way the worked for the kingdom of God. This type of saint prayer is often said during Mass, on a saint day.

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