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Facts About the Bible

Although it's the best selling book of all time (and most stolen), the most influential document ever written, and an important factor in American cultural development, most people today can't even tell you what the Bible is. So, here is a handy guide.

John VersesThe Bible is... inspired. This means that the Holy Spirit has guided the writing of the Bible so that we can trust what is written. This doesn't mean that the humans were robots. Their personalities and styles came out. Inspired just means that the Bible is filled with God's perfect revelation with regards to salvation.

The Bible is... the book of the Church. It was written as a book for two communities, the people of Israel and the Church. While we can and should read the Bible as individuals, it's also important to remember that the Bible is ultimately a community book and we can learn from the wisdom of the Church when interpreting it.

The Bible is... reliable. The Bible is not completely free from historical and scientific error. However, it has been attacked by skeptics for centuries and is still standing. While we shouldn't read it as a modern textbook, it is a reliable document that tells us God's plan of salvation.

The Bible is... holy. The Bible is a holy book because it contains the story of God's people and his revelation. Thus, we should treat the Bible with an extra level of respect because it contains his Word. However, a fear of handling the Bible shouldn't stop us from reading it.

The Bible is... meant to be read. Ultimately, that's what the Bible is for. We should read it, meditate on it, and live our lives based on its teachings.

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