A Cause For Hope: Seven New Saints

Saint Kateri TekakwithaPope Benedict recently canonized seven new Saints for the Catholic Church. The canonizations certainly represent God’s perfect timing to provide inspiration to the Catholic Church in important ways.

First, the new saints include a Filipino (Pedro Calungsod) and a Native American (Kateri Tekakwitha). Right now, the Church is declining in Europe and the West, but gaining in the developing world. These newest saints remind us that, while the European heritage of the Church is vital, there is much more to Catholicism than white Europeans.

Second, one of the new saints, Pedro Calungsod, is a teenager. The Catholic Church (and all Christian groups) face a hostile, yet hungry youth. Meeting their needs will be a challenge, but we have the rich tradition to succeed. People like St. Pedro Calungsod (a martyr for his faith) are reminders that teens will embrace the Gospel message and even die for it.

Third, several of the new saints were missionaries. Right now the Catholic Church has a wide open mission field. While it’s typical to think of an overseas mission, in reality, the biggest mission field is in the United States and Europe. In the West, Christendom isn’t just crumbling; it’s already fallen to the ground. Americans and Europeans have an amazing spiritual heritage. Now it’s time for the modern day missionaries to rise up and call them back to their roots.

In spite of all the negative news on the Catholic Church, events like this canonization ceremony remind us that there are many positives as well. The witness of these seven saints should give everyone who worries about the state of the Catholic Church (and Christianity in general) a good sense of hope.

Below is a video about St. Pedro.

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