Attributes of God

holy trinity iconWhile it’s not necessarily related to the Church year, today I want to get a little theological. I’m going to list and discuss a few of the attributes of God. Keep in mind these are not complete, but general traits. They aren’t simply restricted to Catholic theology, but would apply to most other Christian groups (and even Judaism). With that in mind, here are the Christian attributes of God.


This means that God is all knowing. He knows the entire past, present, and future events. He knows our thoughts and feelings. He has complete knowledge of the very structure of the entire universe.


God is all powerful. He is in complete control of the universe. While God gives room for freewill, he nonetheless makes sure all in the universe works together for his plan and his glory. There is nothing outside of the realm of possibility for God.


This term refers to the fact that God is present everywhere. No matter where we are in the universe, God can be found. However, being omnipresent doesn’t mean God is everything or in everything.


God is above and beyond our understanding and our experience. We will never be able to fully understand his ways or fully connect to his divine majesty. In Christianity, God the Father is the person in the Trinity who represents God’s transcendence.


Note the spelling. This term means that God is also present with humanity in a unique way. In other words, while awesome and fully unknowable, God reveals himself and reaches down to get to know us too. God the Son becoming human in Jesus is the immanent side of God in Christian teaching. The Holy Spirit is immanent as well.


God is perfect and just and has no sin within him. God’s total holiness is one reason for the Christian teaching of Jesus Christ as a mediator and sacrifice for sin. It’s also the basis for the Catholic doctrine of purgatory, which states that souls are cleansed of unholiness to be in God’s perfect presence.

So, hopefully you found this little primer on the attributes of God helpful. Once again, there are many more. But, this list includes most of the key attributes of God.

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