Blessed All Souls Day!

woman crying at graveWe all have family members, friends, and others we know who have departed this life. They may have been faithful Catholics or other Christians, but nonetheless had their faults.

Although we believe in prayers for the souls of the dead, maybe we don’t always get around to actually doing it. Today is the day when we, as a Church, remember them.

Here a few practices you can do to remember the dead on All Souls Day:

Attend a Mass

Go to a daily mass and offer it up for your departed friends and relatives. You can also join your requests to the prayers of the worldwide Church.

Pray For the Souls of the Dead

November is actually the month of All Souls. So, not only is it a good practice to pray for the souls of the dead today, resolve to pray for them throughout the entire month of Novemebr.

Here is a list of All Souls Prayer Resources.

Visit A Cemetery

Even if you’re not Hispanic and interested in their Day of the Dead traditions, All Souls is a good day to visit the graves of your relatives, if anything to make sure everything is kept up and in good order.

Hopefully, you can have a meaningful All Souls Day. For more about the day, please visit our All Souls Day page. We leave you with the traditional prayer for the departed:

Eternal Rest grant unto them (him/her),O Lord,
and let perpetual light shine upon them (him/her).
May they (he/she) rest in peace.


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