Christ The Teacher And You

Jesus with children b and w imageJesus was a great teacher. He met people where they were, called them to holiness, and did it all with humor, grace, and compassion. He wasn’t afraid to call out hypocrites and shake things up when necessary (quite literally when he overturned tables in the temple). And, he was very effective, drawing in large numbers of people as followers.

When was the last time you modeled Christ the Teacher? If it was a long time ago or never, you’re not alone. Many people think that the job of teaching the Catholic Faith belongs to theologians and Catholic school teachers and university professors. While they make a living doing it (although not much of one!), the role of teaching the Catholic Faith belongs to…every single Catholic!

That’s right. Every Catholic, by virtue of his or her baptism, is called to spread the good news of Christ. While it may not be formal education, this sharing of the Gospel is a form of teaching. In our words and our deeds, every single day, it is our job to bring the message and teachings of Christ to the world.

For those of you who are parents, the role of teaching is even more important. The Church is clear that the parents are the primary teachers of the Catholic heritage to their children. While Catholic school is a great investment, ultimately the job of teaching falls to the family, which is sometimes called the “domestic church.”

What kind of teacher are you? Do others clearly hear the teachings of Christ in your words and deeds? Do you share your faith with compassion and kindness? If you’re not so sure, remember the example of Jesus in all your dealings with other people. He taught the Truth without compromise, but did so with love and compassion.

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