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An electric candle in the windowTis the Advent season, but Christmas is coming quickly. Here at ChurchYear.Net we have a lot of Christmas resources that you will find helpful for planning worship services, leading family devotions, and teaching the true meaning of the holiday.

We are highlighting them here so you can take advantage of them. They are all free. We do ask that if you use them publicly, but non-commercially, you give us attribution. If you use them commercially, please contact us first.

All About Christmas

Christmas Prayers

Christmas Prayers of the Faithful

The Troparion, Kontakion, and Canon of the Nativity

From Our Basic Series: These are short and basic explanations of various Christmas-related things. They cover questions non-Christians and nominal Christians may have about the holiday.

What is the Christmas Tree?

The Santa-Jesus Connection

Is Santa Christian?

From ChurchYear.Net Answers: Here we answer frequently asked questions about the holy day

Are Red and Green Christmas Colors?

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