Creating A Good Day

summer landscapeIf there’s one thing the world needs more of it’s joyful and faithful people. Yet, how often do we provide that kind of witness to the rest of the world? Sadly, it’s considered unusual when a person lives his or her Christian faith consistently in places like work and social activities. However, it shouldn’t be!

Sometimes, I think we set ourselves up to fail. We wake up in a bad mood, rush through the morning, curse our luck, and trudge through a job we either can’t stand or feel neutral about. Still, no matter our calling, we can share our faith through our deeds. And, we can find meaning in our lives, no matter how mundane. Remember Brother Lawrence? He lived his faith by washing the dishes!

Here are a few ways you can great a good day (and one that is joyful and faithful)

Begin and Continue With Prayer

Morning and Evening Prayer are the most popular types of prayer (and before food). And, the importance of starting and ending the day with prayer can’t be understated (as well as blessing our meals). But, it’s also important to continue in prayer throughout the entire day, especially if that day is a bad one. Pray for patience, love, and especially for those in your life who annoy you.

Make Time For Corporate Worship

If you can steal time for a morning or noon mass, then go for it. Be nourished by Christ through worship. If you don’t have time in your work schedule, then gather your family together for prayer in the evening.

While any type of prayer is valuable, gathering with other human beings is not only spiritually edifying, but also emotionally satisfying. Make an effort to add some type of corporate worship to your schedule everyday, not just on Sundays.

Immerse Yourself In Nature

St. Francis and other holy ones throughout church history have recognized the value of finding God while immersed in nature. Being outdoors is calming and conducive to prayer. Take a hike, walk at a bike path, take up kayaking. Find a way to get outdoors and be present with God in his creation. You’d be amazed how it will help you be more balanced, faithful, and joyful. Although you have to bundle up, being outside in the winter can be especially calming, quiet, and meditative.

God bless you on your Christian journey. Hopefully you can create a joyful, faithful, and good day each day of the year.

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