Don’t Forget…There Is More Christmas To Come!

A poinsettia on the windowsill of a churchMost Americans I know are sad today, because all the hope, joy, and anticipation they experienced for the last month or more ended after Christmas dinner. The local radio station played Christmas music since October (which I thought was crazy), but at 11:59 PM yesterday, it was back to 80s and 90s easy-listening.

We ask people to work up to something and immediately we take it away. Fortunately, the Catholic Church has the answer. Technically speaking, Christmas didn’t end yesterday; it just began! We have until January 13th, the celebration of the Baptism of the Lord, to continue celebrating Christmas. If you attend a Catholic Mass, you will notice that we just began singing Christmas carols yesterday, and will continue using them up through mid-January. The traditional “12 Days of Christmas” have just begun as well, and run until Epiphany. So, no matter how you slice it, Christmas is here for awhile longer.

So, keep the tree up. Keep listening to that Christmas music. Keep giving gifts and feeling festive.  And, keep celebrating the birth and incarnation of Jesus!

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