Finding God In The Winter

shed in winterIt’s a hard time of year, emotionally, for many people, especially those in the Northern hemisphere. The weather is cold, the world seems dead, and seasonal depression can be a problem. However, for Christians, the winter can be a good time to reflect on the nature of God and life (and find great meaning and joy).

First, while the winter is “dead” it’s not really. There is a lot of life within the winter months, but we may have to look for it. It’s not all around us like during the summer months. Finding a green leaf, a roaming animal, or a sign of life is a challenge. It’s just like finding God’s presence in our everyday lives. Sometimes it’s very obvious. But, during the other moments (especially the difficult ones), we may have to look. But, like winter life, God is always there.

Second, Christianity has always recognized the role of death in leading to life. Just as we can’t appreciate and understand the resurrection without the crucifixion, so the joy of spring cannot be understood without the winter.

Third, the winter is actually a great time to get outside and meditate on the wonders of God. It’s typically quiet and empty. The distractions are gone and it’s a great season to communicate with God outdoors. I challenge you to get out in nature and make an effort to pray in the silence of winter.

Lent comes as winter ends and spring begins, which is very appropriate too. We sometimes have to force ourselves to do penance, but, in time, that penance can become natural and even joyful. This too is like the transition from winter into spring.

God bless you this winter. Don’t just hope for spring, but enjoy what winter has to offer (and appreciate the amazing symbolism built into God’s creation).

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