Giving Thanks For The Kindness of Strangers

Woman sitting next to a childA few weeks ago I was traveling from my current hometown to parent’s house, which is an over two hundred mile trip. The weather was extremely nasty, with Hurricane Sandy’s wrath coming down all around me. About halfway through my trip, my windshield wipers went out as I was driving!

I was in a construction zone, so I quickly pulled off the side of what little road was left. I was near an exit at least, so I said a prayer and made a dart for the ramp. My windshield was totally covered and my visibility was zero by the time I arrived at a gas station. They had no mechanic. The same was the case for all of the gas stations. The exit was in the middle of the country with little civilization.

Since the nearest mechanic was ten miles away and the rain wasn’t supposed to stop for another four days, it was suggested that I try RainX to get me to my parents’ home. However, none of the places had that either! I sat in a McDonald’s having coffee and searching websites trying to fix wipers. But, they were beyond my repair.

I was starting to get discouraged because I had made big plans for that evening with my brother. But, they weren’t happening as I was stuck in that McDonald’s. Either I had to get my car towed and spend the night (or longer) or my parents would have to drive up and get me. There wasn’t a good solution.

Finally, after waiting around three hours, I decided to ask around to see if anyone had RainX. There was one lady who had a hunch and searched her entire car for me. She found a very old bottle. In spite of my efforts to pay her, she wouldn’t take any money. She gave me the bottle, wished me the best, and went on her way.

The wax was old and clumpy, but I applied it as best I could to my windshield then buffed it off. I drove down the country highway for a few minutes, making sure I could travel without the wipers. Sure enough, the RainX seemed to work.

I said several prayers and hit the highway. The ninety minutes back to my parents’ house was harrowing at moments, especially when I passed large trucks. But, I made it safely–and extremely late.

I tell this story to illustrate how one woman and her efforts made a huge impact on my life. It was just a very old bottle of RainX with no material value. But, it meant the world to me. And, her act meant even more. Her act was a great spiritual kindness that I will never forget.

Today and everyday going forward, vow to be a lifeline for others, even in the littlest ways. A small, but kind and loving gesture could have big impacts in ways you never even imagined.

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