God Doesn’t Want You Miserable

Image of Jesus on the crossSometimes Christianity gets a bad reputation as being depressing and stifling. Of course, this is odd when we look at the Scriptures, which show our founder as a fulfilled man who was resurrected from the dead. You don’t get much more joyful than conquering death!

However, Christianity sometimes comes across as simply being about suffering and rules. Granted, Jesus suffered and we can share in that. Also, Christianity definitely has rules.

But, our attitude towards both of those go a long way in determining our general mindset. Sometimes people who are naturally inclined towards depression or anxiety overly focus on the suffering and rules to the exclusion of the other aspects of the Christian Faith.

For example, yes, we are called to share in the suffering of Christ and the world. But, remember the suffering of Christ is a transforming suffering. In other words, our suffering and sharing in the suffering of others has the goal in mind of creating meaning and joy within suffering. Remember, the suffering of Jesus led to our redemption and his resurrection.

So, the point of suffering with Christ isn’t meant to make us miserable. It’s actually meant to make us much happier and closer to God. That, of course, is a joyful thing!

Also, while the rules within the Christian Faith are genuine, they’re actually meant to make our lives better and more meaningful. Our main focus should be the effect of the rules: a more godly life and a closer relationship with God.

Yet, some of us are so “rule oriented” or were raised that way, that all we can focus on is meticulously following a set of rules. This isn’t healthy or what God intends for us. God wants us to follow him and have a genuine relationship with us. The rules help us achieve that relationship. They’re not the end in and of themselves.

Some people simply just need reminded that God doesn’t want them miserable. In fact, God wants us the opposite. He wants us happy and joyful, no matter the circumstances. We can do this because he sent his son who died and rose to free us from the bonds of sin. That is very joyful needs indeed!

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