Happy Feast Day of All Saints!

Icon of All SaintsDo you have a grandma that everyone swore was a saint? What about that priest who lived a very holy life and helped you come to know God more intimately?

We all know those individuals (or have heard of them) who lived holy lives, but are nonetheless not officially honored officially by the Church. Today, All Saints Day (November 1) is their day.

In addition to those unknown saints, All Saints Day also celebrates those Saints who are known to and recognized by the Church. This includes those that we may not find on the general calendar even though they have been officially canonized.

Perhaps they are best known to a region, a town, or even a religious order. They receive honor and celebration in those contexts, but the average Catholic may  not even know about them. We honor them on All Saints Day too.

In addition to the obligatory mass, a good way to celebrate All Saints Day is to remember them in some way. You can pray a Litany of the Saints, find a devotion to someone more obscure, or read a little bit about some of the unfamiliar ones. Whatever you choose, we hope you have a happy and blessed All Saints Day.

For more information on the history and practices of the holiday, please visit our All Saints Day page.

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