Just Another Day?

I heard someone say today was “just another day.” As Christians, we believe every day is a part of God’s creation, and thus redeemed and sanctified at the Incarnation of Christ. Thus, a day made holy by Christ, and declared “good” as part of God’s creation (see Genesis 1), is always more than “just another day.” In fact, the created world around us reflects God’s glory, and its beauty and order are signs of his existence.

Perspective determines how we see each day. Obviously the same day exists for everyone to experience, yet one person sees a chance to enjoy God’s creation, and another sees a bad opportunity waiting to happen.

I challenge all of us to remember that today was created and sanctified by our Lord, and approach it as such!

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David Bennett is an author, speaker, and small business owner. He started ChurchYear.Net in 2004, along with his brother Jonathan. The site gets over one million visitors a year, and Bennett's writings have appeared in church bulletins, newspapers, and other media.

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