Michaelmas – Conquering Your Personal Dragons

My wife has been reading about the Waldorf School, which I don’t know much about, except that some of their dolls are featureless, which kind of creeps me out.

At any rate, as St. Michael and All Angels rolls around (i.e. Michaelmas) on September 29th, the Waldorf School provides an interesting perspective on this feast. Waldorf types view Michaelmas as a time to conquer personal dragons, kind of like a personal “fall cleaning.” Since Michaelmas was one of the traditional “quarter days” it is a great time to “take inventory” of your life, anticipating Advent by a few months.

I like the imagery. We all have dragons that need slaying: thoughts, tendencies, and actions that separate us from God and from each other. Do we love enough? Are we compassionate? Do we strive toward holiness? In other words, do we really love God and neighbor?

Some of our dragons are venial sins, which are easily slayed, even if they pop up a lot. Others are huge, menacing dragons that are mortal sins, which cut us off from God. But, we know that with the grace of God, the examples of the saints, and the wisdom of the Church, we can inch toward holiness and wound these dragons, even perhaps slay them.

Saint Michael the Archangel, be our defender in battle! –> Full Saint Michael Prayer.

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