Pope Francis An Example Of Lenten Humility

Popr FrancisWhen Pope Francis emerged onto the balcony at the Vatican, I didn’t know much about him. I have been pretty busy and haven’t had time to personally research every “papabile” cardinal. Immediately after Jorge Mario Bergoglio, I began researching him. What I found was a humble guy, who, in my opinion, is the right person for the job.

Right or wrong, the Church’s reputation throughout the world is pretty negative at the moment. I think many outsiders see the Pope as that “rich white guy” who lets priests do bad things, who tells people to do one thing, while doing something else. Again, I don’t think this is the case, but as we say in psychology, “perception is reality.”

The humility and “down to earth” nature of Pope Francis is just what the Church needs, and quite frankly, it should come as no surprise since he is reallt imitating Christ in the process. I understand the “beauty of holiness” and the sacramental nature of reality. I too am enriched by the giant cathedrals of Europe and the ceremony of the Church. However, I also know that all of this has to lead us back to one person: Jesus. And Jesus reminded us about the importance of simplicity and the danger of attachment to possessions.

When Pope Francis carries his own bags, asks a blessing from the crowd before giving his, and his custom of taking the bus instead of a limo, reminds me of what Jesus would do. It also reminds me of what we are trying to do this Lent.

I have no predictions of this papacy. I am impressed with the humility of Pope Francis and hope that we can all use this as an inspiration for Lent, as we imitate the “servant of the servants of God.”

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