Pray For The Future Pope

Pope Leo the GreatRight now there is a lot of speculation about which cardinal will  become pope. Honestly, I haven’t really been following the whole thing. I am left to trust the Holy Spirit at this point. I am not trying to sound holier-than-thou, by suggesting this.

The reason is that I honestly feel the Church needs a special kind of leader right now, and as a human, I would have difficulty choosing the right man for the job! The Church is plagued with scandals, and the morale of the laity is pretty low. I think Benedict has tried hard and implemented some good reforms, but one man cannot effectively get rid of the rot, at least not immediately.

I love the Church and am not suggesting God has abandoned us! I am suggesting that the Holy Spirit will choose the right man for the job. Whatever we do, we must pray for the new pope, and the cardinals as they choose him. This is especially important during this Lenten season. Please check out our prayer for a new pope.

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