Saints Celebrated On November 28th

saint statues on a table with candleToday on the general calendar, nobody is celebrated. It is a normal weekday in Ordinary Time for most Catholics throughout the world. This keeps the modern Church calendar from being overloaded with saint days, taking away from the seasonal celebrations.

Nonetheless, today is the day for a lot of different saints. Did you know that today we celebrate Catherine Laboure, James of the Marches, Andrew Trong, Valerian, Fionnchu, Hippolytus, Bl. James Thompson, Rufus and Companions, and Papinianus? I have pretty knowledgable about the faith, yet even most of these names are unknown to me.

Every day of the year there are plenty of saints that we can connect to, pray to, and discover as examples of holiness. The Church is full of great sinners, but is also full of great saints. Some of them are pretty obscure or legendary. In fact, finding images for some of today’s was downright difficult, so I just uploaded a photo of some saints I took.

You can go to or

Try to learn about a new saint each day. You’ll find it a rewarding practice.

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