The Conversion of St. Paul: Taking Christianity to the World

St. Paul PreachingToday (January 25th) celebrates the conversion of St. Paul. A lot of Catholics and other Christians only know about Paul from his letters, whether through public reading or private devotion. I think most Christians really don’t know the impact Paul had on their faith and lives. It really is that huge.

Jesus, although he reached out to non-Jews (Gentiles) on many occasions, primarily tailored his message to a Jewish audience. He preached to Jews, taught about the Jewish law, and chose Jews among his closest followers. He had a plan to expand his message to the entire world. But, he chose his followers to proclaim it. One of those, and the most important, was St. Paul.

Paul preached the Gospel message to the Gentiles and, in the process, made it possible for large numbers of them to convert. He advocated against burdening Gentiles with following the entire Jewish Law. He was especially against circumcision for Gentiles.

Judaism required circumcision for its converts and didn’t have very many. Paul’s argument insured that Christianity would become a world religion, not just another Jewish sect.

So, next time you eat a ham sandwich or enjoy other freedoms in Christ, offer a prayer of thanksgiving for St. Paul. He made sure the universal message of Christianity stayed that way. Thanks to Paul, both through his tireless travels and his theology, Christianity became a worldwide religion.

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