The Summer Rush

summer meadow paintingSummer is often portrayed as a time of rest and relaxation. I guess those people have never gone on vacation or tried to plan relaxation! However, summer is also considered down time in many churches.

Most parishes don’t have the choir during summer and attendance is often down. While social events can be well-attended, religious oriented ones aren’t. In addition, it’s likely that many of us take a summer break from devotions and prayer during summer too. The rest and relaxation time is just too much. Call it the summer rush.

However, summer doesn’t have to be a down time for your faith. There are ways to keep up with your spirituality during the summer months. I’m going to offer a few tips.

First, start a new discipline for the summer. This will make sure that you have something fresh to pursue. Maybe it can be a prayer walk in nature, a few minutes before the Blessed Sacrament, or a decade of the rosary. Trying something new just might give you more enthusiasm for prayer during the summer.

Resist the urge to let vacation be a break from your faith. If you go on vacation, try to attend a service and make sure to emphasize family prayer. It could actually be fun. Praying together on the beach or attending a mass at a new parish in the mountains could be a breath of fresh air that everyone’s faith needs.

Finally, bring God into the midst of the stress. Take a few minutes a day just for you to be mindful of your situation and pray. It could be five minutes on your porch in the morning or silent prayer while you sunbathe at the swimming pool. Be more centered and spend time with God.

Don’t let the summer rush and the busy months get you stressed out. Find a way to keep your spirituality alive in the midst of the summer months.

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