Thoughts on Respect For Life

An angel face on a graveI am a little late writing this to coincide with the anniversary of the Roe V Wade decision, which made abortion legal by supreme court decision. Prior to that, abortion laws were relegated to the states, and most states banned them.

The older I get, the more respect I have for human life, and all life really. I know the Christian arguments against abortion, and I get them and embrace them. I am sure you know them too. However, I don’t even have to base my thoughts on any Christian dogma or principles. I mainly base them on my humanity. I am always amazed at the greatness and majesty of life. That we can experience consciousness is a gift. To deny anyone else this opportunity just seems naturally wrong.

The human impulse, at its best, is to preserve life at all costs. I see images of firefighters saving kittens, soldiers transporting teier comrades to the base no matter the cost, and so forth. At its worst, the human impulse is to kill, destroy, and make war. Which impulse does abortion fall under? Even if abortion is possible to do, does it make it the best human endeavor? Even The Buddha considered abortion to be one of the five kinds of evil Karma, placing it up there with killing one’s mother or father.

But, isn’t abortion a right? You are not going to find someone who is more interested in preserving rights than I am. I don’t get into politics on here much, but let’s just say my political beliefs emphasize liberty as long as nobody is physically harmed. And that is why abortion cannot be a “right,” not God-given at least. I understand there is debate about “personhood” but I will say that I believe what is growing inside a mother is a life, and therefore it is the job of the government (even a limited one that I believe in) to protect that life.

Let’s pray for an end to abortion,  and to anything else that takes away the value and dignity of human life.

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