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Act of Contrition

Information about this penitential prayer

The Act of Contrition is a prayer from the Catholic tradition expressing sorrow for sins and spiritual shortcomings. It's a popular prayer for use in personal devotion and is sometimes used (with modification) in the sacrament of confession. In Latin it is called the Actus Contritionis. Many people say it nightly.

an altar with Jesus and Mary

Act of Contrition
O my God,
I am heartily sorry
for having offended you.
I detest all my sins
because of your just punishment,
but most of all
because they offend you,
my God, who are all-good
and deserving of all my love.
I firmly resolve,
with the help of Your grace,
to sin no more
and to avoid the near occasions of sin

Last updated 05-12-2017

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