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A Prayer for the Autumn Harvest

For Gratitude and A Plentiful Harvest

Harvest time is important in the lives of farmers, and should be for everyone in the world who benefit from their bounty. This prayer asks God for an abundant harvest, and emphasizes the gratitude that we have for the beauty and abundance of the created order. Finally, it emphasizes the importance of sharing God's abundant blessings with others.

Toddler with pumpkins

Prayer For An Autumn Harvest
we thank you
for the order and beauty of the world.
In your wisdom,
you established the times and seasons,
to provide for the needs
of all creation.
We pray for an abundant autumn harvest
and your blessing upon
all those who provide
food and resources for others.
And, may we always share our blessings
with all those around us.
We pray in Jesus name. Amen.

Updated 09-25-2017

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