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An Easter Prayer to the Risen Christ

Adapted from Saint Ephrem the Syrian

At Easter, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. The Easter feast is the most important feast in the Church, and it has inspired many ancient hymns and prayers. The resurrection of Christ inspired some of the content of Ephrem the Syrian's Nisibene Hymns. This prayer to the risen Christ is adapted from the works of Saint Ephrem.

Resurrection PaintingO Jesus, King, receive my prayer,
and consider my supplication as a pledge to You.
For you, O living King,
have gone forth and gone up out of Hell,
as Conqueror.

Woe to those who have rejected you;
For, to evil spirits and demons, you are sorrow,
to Satan and to Death, you are pain,
To Sin and Hell, you are mourning.

Yet, O how joy has come today,
for those who are born anew.
Therefore, on this great day,
We give great glory to You,
who died and is now alive,
that to all you may give life and resurrection!
Adapted by from Nisibene Hymn 36:17,18, by St. Ephrem

Updated 04-11-2017

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