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A Prayer For Graduation - Invocation or Closing

For use in all schools or educational institutions

Graduation is an amazing time for many students, teachers, and parents. Even though it seems like a small part of the ceremony, a good graduation prayer sets the right tone for a graduation ceremony. While not all graduations have prayer, many have an invocation and a closing prayer, or some type of prayers worked into the ceremony. Many schools have graduation Masses (Catholic) and/or other worship services. This prayer is adapted from the works of St. Francis De Sales.

Front of a Catholic school

Help us to not look forward in fear
to the changes in life;
Rather, may we look to the future with full hope,
because as changes arise,
you will lead us safely through all things,
because we are your very own,
and when we cannot stand it,
You will carry us in Your arms.

With you,
we shall not fear what may happen tomorrow;
because you are the understanding Father
who cares for us today,
and who will care for us tomorrow and every day.

We have faith, O Lord,
That you will either shield us from suffering,
or give us unfailing strength to bear it.
Put us at peace,
and give us the grace
to put aside all anxious thoughts and images.
We pray in the name of Jesus Christ,
Your Son, and Our Lord. Amen
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