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ChurchYear.Net hosts over 100 free prayers and the amount is growing daily. We have compiled many of our prayers into this one site, with prayers for Catholics and other Christians of all types. In today's virtual world, you don't need a regular prayer book, so come here, to this online prayer book page to get started, and find all the prayers you need for any occasion.

The Prayers

First, check out our over 15 free Ancient Prayers, an important part of our Christian prayer collection. These are time-tested classic traditional prayers that the Church has used for generations and generations. These include the Hail Mary Prayer, the Apostles Creed, and the Our Father Prayer. We also have many prayers in the original Latin.

Second, as part of our online prayers, check out our Modern Prayers, which contain new and occasional prayers related to a variety of topics, including school, the Church Year, and pets. There are over 20 prayers related to a huge number of topics for your interest. Please use these for use at home, school, or church. Examples include Christmas Dinner Prayer and Prayer for the Day

Good News! We have just added Saint Day Prayers. This list is slowly building, in part in cooperation with our free Prayer Delivery service.

Prayer Information

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