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A Prayer For Inner Peace

For A Stressful Day or Any Other Occasion

In our modern stressful and sometimes dangerous world, it seems peace is hard to find. St. Paul tells us in Philippians 4:7 that through Christ we acquire the peace of God, which transcends anything we can understand. As Christians, if we cling to this grace that Christ gives us, we are able to experience the peace that God promises us. This prayer reflects this theme and incorporates elements from Psalm 29.

Sun Shining

Prayer For Inner Peace
Almighty God,
You have promised
that in Christ
we may find true peace
which surpasses all human understanding.
We pray that this day
you would grant us your strength
and bestow upon us your peace,
as we reflect
on the many blessings
you have given us.
Through Christ our Lord,
the true Prince of Peace. Amen

Last updated 06-21-2016

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