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Feast of Saint Mary Magdalene Prayer

For July 22nd or Any Occasion

Mary Magdalene frequently traveled with Jesus during his ministry, and is considered the second most important woman in the New Testament, after the Blessed Virgin Mary. In addition to being a companion of Jesus, she was the first witness to the resurrection. Jesus healed her of "seven demons," and she has often been identified as a repentant prostitute, although this is not spelled out in Scripture, and most modern biblical scholars believe it is unlikely. She is celebrated on July 22nd. The holiday was previously an obligatory memorial, but Pope Francis upgraded it to a feast on June 3rd, 2016. The image below is a portrayal of St. Mary Magdalene the Penitent, by Italian painter Guido Reni.

Mary Magdalene by Guido Reni

Prayer For The Feast of Saint Mary Magdalene
Almighty God,
whose blessed Son
restored Mary Magdalene
to health of body and of mind,
and called her to be a witness
of his resurrection:
Mercifully grant
that by your grace
we may be healed from all our infirmities
and know you in the power
of his unending life;
who with you and the Holy Spirit
lives and reigns,
one God, now and for ever. Amen.
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