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Meeting Opening And Closing Prayers

For Before And After A Meeting

These prayers are to open and close a meeting in a parish, church, or Christian and Catholic school, or any other meeting where prayer might be used, such as at a board meeting. These prayers give thanks for the chance to gather, and ask for an outcome that is in line with God's will. They also ask blessing on the people involved.

A meeting room in an activity center, by David Bennett Opening Prayer
We thank you
for the opportunity to gather today.
May everything we do
begin with your inspiration
and continue with your help.
We ask your guidance throughout this meeting,
that all of our thoughts and actions
would relect your holy will,
and that you would grant us the grace
to love you and our neighbors more perfectly.
We pray in Jesus name. Amen.

Closing Prayer
We give you thanks
that you have allowed us to work together
and serve you during this meeting.
We ask your blessing upon our endeavors,
and upon all present today.
May your love and grace continue to guide us,
in every thing that we do,
today and in the future.
We pray in Jesus name, Amen.

Updated 05-12-2017

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