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A New Year's Day Dinner Prayer

For Meals on January 1st or other meals

Many families gather together on New Year's Day to celebrate and hope for the best for the upcoming year. Traditionally, they eat sauerkraut as "good luck." Many individuals also create "resolutions" that they intend to keep. These often relate to self-improvement.

This New Year's Day meal prayer thanks God for His many blessings in the previous year, and asks for a prosperous and God-centered new year.

Clock sitting on a mantle Lord of All,
We give you thanks
and for the abundant blessings
you have given us
in the previous year.
We ask your blessing upon this food,
and upon our friends and family.
as we enter this new year.
We pray that in your mercy,
you would make this a great year,
and give us the grace
to seek your will in all things.
We pray in Jesus name, Amen.

Updated 12-26-2017

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