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A Prayer Before a Sports Game

For Use Before Games and Sporting Events

Many Catholic and other Christian schools offer prayer before a game, sporting event, track meet, or other athletic event. Some public schools do too. This prayer asks God to bless the sporting event, and ask him to keep all players safe. Many schools have used this particular prayer before any type of school event or competition. If you have used this free prayer, please consider liking it on social media by clicking the buttons above. This helps us share the prayer with others.

A running track at a country school God our Father,
You have created us
to strive for the best.
Grant to all athletes, coaches, and fans,
strength to pursue excellence
during this event.
We pray for the safety of these athletes;
Protect them from injury and harm.
And finally, we pray for your grace,
that you would provide us
with the endurance to pursue our heavenly prize:
eternal life in Your Son. Amen

Updated 05-12-2017

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