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A Prayer for the Care of the Environment

From the Christian Tradition

Pope Francis stressed the importance of the stewardship of creation, i.e. taking care of the earth, our home, in his encyclical Laudato Si. This prayer emphasizes the importance of being just and loving stewards of God's creation. It is partly based on an ancient prayer of Saint Basil (d. 379 AD).

Bridge on a path at a state park

Prayer For Caring For The Environment
O God,
enlarge within us the sense of communion
we have with all living things,
to whom you gave the earth as a home,
which we share with them.
Grant us the courage to care for your creation,
as just and loving caretakers.

In the past
we have exercised our dominion with ruthless cruelty
so that the voice of the earth,
which should have gone up to you in song,
has instead been a groan of suffering.

We are thankful for your abundant creation;
may we honor your beautiful work
with reverential care and love.
Through Christ our Lord, Amen.
Saint Basil, additions and adaptations by

Updated 05-12-2017

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