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A Prayer For Teachers

Teachers have the task of shaping children for the future, and many Christian teachers find that prayer helps them work with patience, joy, and gratitude. This prayer can be said by all teachers, including preschool, elementary, junior high, high school daycare, and even college. Even parents are teachers, so they too can put this to good use.

bible and apple O Lord,
Grant me your strength, so I will have courage in every situation;
Grant me your love, so I may love others as you love me;
Grant me your knowledge, so I will show others the path to wisdom;
Grant me your mercy, so I will forgive those who have hurt me;
Grant me your peace, so I will find the best in everybody;
Grant me your hope, so I will never give up;
Grant me your joy, so I will be thankful for all my blessings;
Grant me your kindness, so I will treat others as they want to be treated;
And Grant me your grace, so you will always be at my side. Amen

Last updated 07-24-2017

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