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A Prayer For Protection and Safety While Traveling

A Traveler's Prayer Based on Psalm 121

Very few things make people as nervous as going on a trip, especially long ones, so it naturally follows that people ask God's protection. Even the Bible contains prayers and hymns related to asking God's protection during travel. One of the best known examples is Psalm 121, which was likely used by pilgrims traveling to Jerusalem. The prayer below is adapted from that well-known psalm.

Spring Road Scene

Prayer For Protection and Safety When Traveling
We lift up our eyes to the hills;
from where does our help come?
Our help comes from the Lord,
who made heaven and earth,
who neither sleeps, nor slumbers,
and who protects his people
in his merciful love.
Be our [his/her/their] keeper, O Lord
Protect us [him/her/them] with your right hand,
keep us [him/her/them] safe on the journey,
from beginning until the end
and keep us [him/her/them] from all evil.
In the name of your Son Jesus Our Lord. Amen
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Last updated 07-03-2016

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