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A Prayer For Someone Who Is Unemployed

From the Book of Common Prayer

In the Christian tradition, work is important. Catholic social teaching is that work is more than just about earning money; it is the way a person lives out his or her vocation and contributes to good within the world. When someone is out of a job, the a person lacks purpose and this can lead to frustration. Saint Joseph is the patron saint of workers and working, and this aspect of his patronage is celebrated on May 1st.

St. Joseph Statue

The Prayer For The Unemployed
Heavenly Father,
we remember before you
those who suffer want and anxiety
from lack of work.
Guide the people of this land
so to use our public and private wealth
that all may find
suitable and fulfilling employment,
and receive just payment
for their labor;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Book Of Common Prayer

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