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Prayers & Hymns in Preparation for Great Lent

Eastern Orthodox Prayers and Hymns to Prepare for Lent

Lenten Hymn to the Word

O Word, supreme in love,
Who with the Father and the Spirit
hast created all things
visible and invisible
in Thy wisdom past speech,
grant in Thy compassion
that we may spend the season
of the joyful Fast in profound peace.
Destroy the beguilement of bitter sin,
granting us contrition,
tears of healing
and forgiveness of our trespasses,
that fasting
with a fervent spirit and undoubting soul,
we may join the angels
to sing the praises of Thy power.

Eastern Fasting Advice

This should be the manner of our fasting;
not in hatred and contention,
not in envy and strife,
not in self-glory
and with hidden deceit,
but like Christ in humble-mindedness.
St. Joseph the Studite

Lenten Prayer to Christ

Stretching out Thy divine hands upon the Cross,
Thou hast joined together
that which before was divided,
and by Thy mediation
Thou hast offered as a gift to the Father
the nature of mortal man,
that was under condemnation.
Therefore we sing the praises
of Thy sinless Crucifixion.
St. Joseph the Studite

Eastern Lenten Prayer

If thou dost fast from food, O my soul,
yet dost not cleanse thyself from passions,
thou dost rejoice in vain over thy abstinence.
For if thy purpose
is not turned towards amendment of life,
as a liar thou art hateful in God's sight,
and thou doest resemble the evil demons
who never eat at all.
Do not by sinning make the fast worthless,
but firmly resist all wicked impulses.
Picture to thyself
that thou art standing
beside the crucified Saviour,
or rather, that thou art thyself
crucified with Him
Who was crucified for thee;
and cry out to Him:
"Remember me, O Lord,
when Thou comest into Thy Kingdom."

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