Catholic Saints Puzzle

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  1. This "disciple whom Jesus loved" wrote one of the four gospels
  2. This type of angel is celebrated on October 2nd
  3. This apostle initially doubted Jesus, but eventually (according to tradition) was an apostle to India
  4. September 14th commemorates this device Jesus was tortured on
  5. This is the term for someone who dies for his or her faith
  6. Chief archangel, celebrated along with the other angels on September 29th
  7. 4th century scholar who translated the Bible into Latin, called the "Vulgate"
  8. This was the female companion of Saint Francis of Assisi, who lived in poverty
  9. The first christian to die for his faith, recorded in the Book of "Acts"
  10. If a person is a saint, and has died, he or she is in __________
  11. (2 words) Developed five logical proofs of God's existence
  12. A saint is someone whose life is considered _____;


  1. Husband of Mary, foster father of Jesus, and patron saint of the Church
  2. We celebrate the birthday of many saints; another word for birthday often used is ________
  3. 4th century bishop of Hippo, who wrote "Confessions" detailing his life from sinner to Christian
  4. (2 words) This woman was the first witness to the resurrection of Jesus
  5. (3 words) 6th century pope with a major type of chant named after him.
  6. He gave up his wealth to follow Christ, and started a religious order known as the "friars minor"
  7. On August 29th, the Church celebrates the ______ of John the Baptist, the way that he died
  8. Physician and gospel writer
  9. (2 words) Mary appeared to this saint in Mexico in the 1500s, as "Our Lady of Guadalupe"
  10. (2 words) ____ _____ II: This popular pope who reigned from 1978-2005 was recently made a saint
  11. This saint, patron saint of athletes, was killed by being shot with arrows
  12. Celebrated Dec. 6th, he is popularly known as "Santa Claus"
  13. He wrote many letters to churches and people that appear in the New Testament

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